Location, Location, Location

When planning your client's next Instagram post, it's easy to get caught up in the caption, #hashtags, and post time, and ignore a simple Instagram addition that can have a drastic effect on your post's placement in the feed.

It's no secret that Instagram's algorithm for feed placement is complicated, however, there is one tried and true method that will have a noticeable effect on engagement. It's simple. Just add the Location.

Whilst we can merely speculate why it boosts a post's popularity, everyone from influencers to individuals are taking advantage of it. In fact, just several months ago, a Instagram glitch put any picture with the location Singapore, Singapore to the top of their followers' feed.

Not only does adding a location boost a post's popularity in your followers' feed, it will provide new traffic from users who come across the post via searching certain locations. It's also important to note that constantly putting the same location isn't recommend. Make sure you use a variety of locations (where the picture was actually taken) for your posts.

And that's it. Just one simple Instagram rule that's easy to forget, but one that no good marketer can afford to.