What We’ve Done For Our Clients

Bustle.com ($50.5M in funding) - 1M+ New Instagram Followers

Since begging our work with Bustle, we’ve helped grow their Instagram by more than one-million, new, targeted followers that have become brand evangelists. We continually commission dozens of large and micro influencers with significant young, female audiences to share our favorite content from Bustle.


Yik Yak - ($73.5M in funding) - 100K New Instagram Followers In Under 30 Days

Utilizing an influencer network that exceeds 100M followers, we quickly grew Yik Yak’s Instagram by more than 100,000 followers in under 30 days, which were more than doubled Yik Yak’s following. 


WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) - #EndangeredEmoji

Partnering with WWF, I helped bring attention to the #EndangeredEmoji campaign, aimed to raise funds and awareness for endangered animals, through a simple tweet.