The Atlantic, "The 2 Teenagers Who Run the Wildly Popular Twitter Feed @HistoryInPics"

"Meet Xavier Di Petta and Kyle Cameron, ages 17 and 19, whose ability to build a massive audience from nothing may be unparalleled in media today."

Forbes, "The $1M-A-Month Business Behind Your Favorite Twitter Accounts"

"It's kind of perfect for the medium," says Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield. "Their hit-rate is 19 out of 20 at least."

The Times, Top 25 under 20

Xavier Di Petta, 17 and Kyle Cameron, 19
"The pair, who originate from Australia and Hawaii, met on the internet in their early teens and have since harnessed the power of social media to build an empire of hugely successful twitter accounts and lucrative online businesses."

The Sydney Morning HeraldJust an everyday $50K-a-month teen

"Paid on a pay-per-click basis, Di Petta has set up multiple social media accounts - garnering more than four million followers - posting entertaining articles, pictures and facts."

TEDxTeen, How to learn history in 140 characters

"Xavier aims to educate people of all ages in history, science and culture. He believes that our world has not only shifted to use images to communicate with the rise of platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, but that these platforms have built loyal followings."